Travel in Cambodia OFF THE BEATEN TRACK

In the countryside family
In our cousin's home Samphois

On Se San Rive


Market without tourists

Central Market Phnom Penh

Kep, Rabbit Island, Koh Thunsay
No comment !
We will explain
Angkor: The Bayon

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If your speaker is plugged in, you listen: Phnom Penh- PreahVihea our favorite music.
See bottom of this page you can download, no rights Author

Songs & Music

Popular songs Cambodian MP3:

Ram kbach, RamVong, Lam leav, Saravann, Slow, Slow rock, wedding music, Khmer music...
The bold letters are our favourite songs.

Râm kbach

Trâ Peang Peay (F) hear

Srâ Nors Klein hear

Preah Thorng hear

Preah Thorng hear

Trâ Peang Peay (H) hear

Rolim Sreck Sreck hear

Slow Rock

Srâr Nors hear

Phat Cheay hear

Sâng Khim hear


Snè Toum Teav hear

Touk Thnot... hear

Thâ-Ngay.. hear

Wedding Music

Saray Andèt hear

Preah Thorng hear

Neang Neak hear

Nokor Reach hear

Bay khonn châng day hear

Châm Bâk Rouy hear

Râm Vong

Srey t. chrâleung hear

Svay Chanty hear

Aun euy Tov vat hear


Kampoul Phnomhear

Kolap hear

Stuing Kheav hear

Chha Chha Chha

Phnom Penh hear

Yiké Music

Phka Rich nov Phnom Penh hear

Loeu Music

Sleak Khyâl Dândorp Mék hear

Varieties 1

Lea heuy PNH hear

Bandâm Kaun Khmer hear

Bandâm Preah Vihea hear

Sneh Tè PNH hear

Prasat Preah Vihea hear

Anet Prey Khmer hear

Bopha Angkor hear

Phum tbèng M-Chey hear

Khet Preah Vihea hear

Varieties 2

Châm chrot sroy hear

Chânn Trea chea s-sey hear

Snèh ta ta hear

Ruy Kbâl khieuv hear

PNH - P-Vihea hear

Chhleat pong hear


Cambodian music in MP3