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Five provinces have surrounded the area of ​​Tonle Sap Lake, more than three million people live around the lake and 90% of them earn their living from fishing and agriculture. As you can see from the map of Cambodia Tonle Sap Lake stretches across the northwest section of the country. It is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. Its dimension changes depending on the monsoon and dry season.

During the season from June to October rains, the lake is filled by water flowing Mekong with 14 meters deep and expands the area of ​​10,000 square kilometers.

In the dry season from November to May 3,000 square kilometers in size with two meters deep and the water flows from the lake to the Mekong. The flooded forest surrounding the lake is the best shelter for all kinds of fish, ideal for breeding. This lake provides many biodiverse, more than 300 freshwater fish species, as well as snakes, crocodiles, turtles and otters. Over 100 varieties of water birds, including storks, pelicans, etc.

The lake is also an important commercial resource, providing more than half of the fish consumed in Cambodia. In harmony with ecosystems, human settlements on the banks of the lake are diverse. Floating villages with towering stilted houses, huge fish traps, and a way of life deeply interwoven with the lake, fish, wildlife and rising and falling cycles of the lake.

The pier is located about 15 km south of Siem Reap; you can board a speed boat across the lake and join Phnom Penh through the village of Chong Khneas. The journey takes only six hours, and this trip we can recommend it during the monsoon season. In the dry season, the boat can get stuck in the mud for lack of water. There are several ways to see the culture and wildlife of the lake area depending on the amount of time you have available and your interest.


Our boat will take you across the lake from Siem Reap to Battambang or reverse. We follow the bird sanctuary of Prek Toal, map below.

Enlarge image

In your program with our agency:

Transfer by private boat to Battambang with, among others, hammocks for your comfort. You cross the Tonle Sap and continue through Sangker River along Prek Toal, bird sanctuary, and through the flooded forest (6-8 hours of power boat depending on the season). This crossing is normally feasible all year. If the water is too low, our boat landed yourself before you continue Battambang and 4x4 by the track. Once in Battambang, as applicable, you are transferred to the hotel or tuk tuk or vehicle. When the water is low it is best to pick early, around 7:00. Throughout this journey you will see the small villages on the banks, fish farms, local residents who swim, herds in water, fisher with Chinese square nets and agricultural scenes on 2 sides.

Chong Khneas is the name of the famous floating village by the lake. It locates in the south of Siem Reap town about 15 km, and takes only 30 minutes by car to the pier where there are always boats waiting for visitors. The boat trip through the floating village takes about two hours. Guests can explore various Khmer families, Muslim and Vietnamese households, floating markets, clinics, schools, basketball field, piggery and other duck farm ...

Chong Khneas was very interesting before, but now the area is owned by a private firm, they increase the price and the area is more commercial. The boat trip normally includes two stops: one at a floating village with a gift shop and a snack, and the other to the Gecko Centre strongly recommended environment, which offers exhibits and information to introducing the ecology and biodiversity of the lake area


Our agency recommends instead the village of Kampong Luong between Battambang and Phnom Penh. Private tour by rustic motor boat. This amazing floating city of nearly 12,000 inhabitants moves along the lake level and has a good level of equipment: doctors, restaurants, schools ... (It is the outside off-the-beaten-track) Below a church with its bell in the shape of Eiffel Tower !!

The floating village of Kompong Luong is located on the lake, on its southwest shore. It really is a floating village with a large population of Vietnamese fishermen - Almost totally overlooked by tourists because of its remoteness and difficult access, the village is completely self-sufficient. A floating school, factories to make ice for fish preservation, church, pagoda, service stations, pigsty, stores, boat repair shops or television, video club, karaoke bar, police station ... everything is on the water . All trades are represented and everybody from children to grandparents goes by boat through the network of canals that cross this little town.

Kampong Luong is a natural site on the Tonle Sap, Kompong Luong is situated in Krakor district about 35 kilometers east of the town of Pursat province. The site is a stop for swimming with sand during the dry season. During the rainy season, especially during Pchumben, many Cambodians gather there to play Chaol Teuk Leak (a traditional Khmer game played by throwing water on the other) on the river. However, the game can be dangerous because it is often played in small boats.

Four other sites that residents love to visit Pursat including:

- Kampeng: Located in the village of Ngil Pro, Por common Ngil, the Kravanh district, about 20 kilometers from the provincial town.

- Preah Dak -Phnom: located in the village of Roleap, Roleap town of Pursat district, about 10 kilometers from the provincial town.

- Koh Sampeou Meas: located in front of the provincial hall in the middle of the island of Pursat. It covers 2 hectares.

- Preah Theat :. Located in the village of Sre Sdok, Sre common Sdok, Kan Deang district, about 20 kilometers from the provincial town


These sites in the province of Pursat respond mainly to local people who visit, especially during the holidays or during festivals.



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