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Sihanoukville in Cambodia, it is above all the white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean and palm trees at 4am the capital Phnom Penh. A seaside break before or after the discovery of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Shaded beaches equipped for rest, relaxation and idleness. These beaches gently fall into the ocean with transparent blue waters, unpolluted trash or other waste. Sun umbrellas and chairs (not paid), many shelters in huts and small restaurants serving fresh fish, complete these little-known beaches of the great tourism and occupied only on weekends by residents of Phnom Penh. Several hotels of all categories will provide you with quality accommodation. An ideal place to relax and swim safely.
Sihanoukville Province is a small province in southern Cambodia. The capital city is located on a peninsula with beaches and tropical islands around. Sihanoukville (also known as Kampong Som) was founded in 1964 to be the only deep water port in the whole of Cambodia. It has gradually redeveloped as a tourist attraction, but despite the promise of massive investment in Malaysia from several casinos including one on the island of Naga, the number of tourists is still quite low.
As the city is not a small place because of its wide distribution in urban areas, the best way to get around is to rent a bike. Besides the beautiful beaches and beautiful views it must be stressed that there is not much to see in the city itself. To have a beautiful view of the city you can climb the small hill to Wat Leu. Wat Krom is another place of interest, because it is a recent construction Pagoda, the oldest were destroyed by the Khmer Rouge and is home to a sanctuary called Yeah Mao. Near the town there are nice places for a detour as Ream National Park and Kbal Chhay Waterfall beautiful.

The best seaside resorts of Cambodia, is that our tours offer.

You will discover surprising caves in the Kep region and taste green pepper Kampot that will flavor the market Kep crab dishes. On the island of Koh Tun Say (image below) a small trek is possible (island tour) .You will visit a pepper shaker and along the Gulf of Thailand, you get to Sihanoukville. Small city tour: The local market, the main beaches, the harbor, you can take the boat to the islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Saloem ... Ream, on the spot our agency has its own boat that will transfer you to an island less frequented. Basic diving equipment and fishing to fish hook and line are available on the boat. And if you prefer lazing, relaxation and sunbathing on the beach ... On the way back to the mainland we will offer you a typical meal: Fricassee crabs green pepper, shrimp soup and grilled fish accompanied of course rice, prepared by Bopha, our cook.

Sihanoukville port

Bungalows beach

Local beach

8:00 direction for Ream,  magnificent site where you embark to a small island not frequented by usual tourists, our boat has masks, snorkels, fishing equipment ... We do not give info about the beach in this document that is visible on the internet in order to preserve the originality of our tours off the beaten track. Arriving on the island (no shopping) we offer you a big coconuts to drink through a straw. Back around noon we will offer you a typical meal: fricassee green pepper crabs, shrimp soup and grilled fish + course rice prepared under the supervision of Baupha our cousin.

Direction to our island

...Ream’s  'secret' island...

... Arrival, no one ...

Possible excursion at Ream, from Sihanoukville You will leave Sihanoukville by private vehicle for a day excursion to Ream National Park. You will board a traditional boat to the position of the park rangers, and then browsed a river in the middle of mangroves and may be able to see monkeys, hawks or even porpoises. Then you gradually leave the river to the open sea, and reach the beautiful white sand beaches that border the park. You leave your boat on the beach and set off on an adventure in the dense rainforest for a walk of a few kilometers. Your efforts will be rewarded with a sumptuous finish on a stretch of pristine sand, and you can dive into the clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Relax and enjoy the postcard scenery, while we prepared you a seafood barbecue for lunch. Later in the afternoon, you will return Sihanoukville.

Koh Rong & Koh Rong Saloem :

We have a complete documentation on the different boats, diving centers, and all possible accommodation, ask us before booking yourself, we take no commissions on these benefits.


To see the possibilities of transfer of the islands, timetables and boat types see:

Boat, speed boat, speed ferry pour Koh Rong Samloem-Koh Rong (register)

To view accommodation, diving centers see our page:

Koh Rong Samloem & Koh Rong, Sleep, diving center on island (register)


Speed boat Koh Rong

Koh Rong arrival

Some bungalows

During your tour with our agency we offer this extension at  Bokor National Park

After spending Kampot, then you will catch a road that winds through the dense jungle of Bokor National Park. The road is very good, but its history is much less; hundreds of forced laborers died during the construction of the road during the First World War. You finally reach the top of the big hill and discover the remains of Bokor Palace, a luxury hotel built by the French in 1925, now in ruins. The sight of the lush jungle rolling down the coast below is amazing. You will explore the remains of the retreat of the French protectorate in the years, including the Old Catholic Church and see the ruins of an old casino and a Le Corbusier-style house, but also the new Casino with over 200 rooms and various other new buildings. After exploring the colonial vestiges of Bokor and transition to the new casino if you want, you will be taken to the Povokvil Waterfalls Falls, a nice set of waterfalls in the heart of the jungle, where you have a picnic for lunch. Swimming available.

Wat Sampov

Bokor natural lake

Panorama of Golf of Thailand

In Kep you can embark on the rabbits island (Koh Tun Say) where some good restaurants on the beach located. (30 minutes by boat). On the island of Koh Tun Say, on site, no living rabbit but can eat a mustard rabbit dish in cousin Sokha one of our drivers

Rabbit Island

The rustic bungalows

Cool beach on the island

Kampot region also offers many other attractions including the pre-Angkorian ruins and caves, jungle trekking, bike tours, river cruises, trips to the islands, secluded beaches, pepper plantations.

Kampot province is also renowned for the quality of its fruits (durian, coconut, mango, etc.), its sea salt and of course the famous Kampot pepper. The climate and soil type of Kampot special land and the experience of several generations of pepper farmers make this pepper unique and highly prized by gourmets worlwide. The small town of Kampot on River Tuk Chhou is 5km inland sea Fishing and agriculture are the main activities; durians and melons grow abundantly.