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Banteay Srei, carved in pink gem will ...


Banteay Srei. This temple of the tenth century wonderfully preserved, is the most charming of Angkor (now served by 1 hour with good road). Banteay Srei is a jewel carved from pink sandstone which changes colour according to the sunlight. Several well-preserved pavilions whose facades are finely carved a multitude of floral motifs and scenes from Hindu mythology, real lace. Archaeologist Maurice Clay qualifies the Banteay Srei "The prettiest Khmer temples." (It was also  famous by the theft of a lintel of 800 kg by André Malraux ...). Called "the citadel of women" it is entirely decorated with bas-reliefs of a surprising perfection. See the sculptures of the door lintels and beautiful details. By continuing the road you can go to Kbal Spein, the river of thousand lingas (but add 10 km of track in poor condition).


BANTEAY Srei (Citadel of Women) most charming of Angkor